Essentials of access control systems

We know every aspect of access control systems in detail and implement them according to your goals.


Design and construction of access control systems

We provide comprehensive services for access control systems for residential, administrative, industrial and other types of facilities.


Various types of access control systems

We provide assembly and installation of access control systems, taking into account their specifics and individual approach.


Innovative access control solutions

Our innovative access control systems provide excellent solutions for your home, office, hotel, factory, parking lot and more.


What is an access control system?

VAC Security offers advanced access control systems to help you feel secure and automate your processes.

Access control is one of the best security systems that benefit homeowners, office and industrial premises. The system provides controlled access for individuals to certain sites, including offices, manufacturing sites, storage warehouses, various administrative and/or commercial centers and many more.

Thanks to a set of components (access control readers, access control terminals, etc.) and the construction of a connection between them based on computers and software  for data storage and processing, extreme flexibility and efficiency is achieved in the access regime, both to a building and to individual locations inside it.

The solution offered by VAC Security assures you that there will be a strict access control to your facility based on various devices – chips, magnetic cards, turnstiles, barriers, etc.

How to design and build an access control system?

VAC Security designs, builds and maintains access control systems tailored to your individual user needs and goals.

Each access control system, depending on its scope and size, as well as the type of controlled access sought, is designed and built according to an individual design.

The main factors that we could derive regarding the design of an access control system are:

  • The type of facility it is being built for – office and/or residential buildings, shopping centers, hotels, factories, warehouses, etc.;
  • The size of the project and the functionality – various types of controlled access functionalities are available, with the most used being chip access control (applied most often for entrance to apartment buildings, access control for elevators and individual dwellings), magnetic cards and others.

Building an access control system involves the installation of a range of components such as access control readers, magnetic cards, door control chips, installation of computers and software to process and store the data.

Our access control systems meet your needs for systems ranging in size and nature – from access control for front doors (with chip or card) to controlled access in offices, departments and industrial premises.

Types of access control systems

VAC Security builds and supports access control systems with a wide range of applications.

For the needs of residential properties/buildings and apartment blocks, and/or large administrative and industrial sites, you can take advantage of: intercom systems, entrance locking systems, access control for vehicles, turnstiles, electromagnetic systems, elevator systems, fingerprint access control and more.

We will accommodate all your requirements and offer excellent solutions to ensure a functional and reliable automated access control system.

Access control solutions offered by VAC Security

We are your trusted partner for providing effective and flexible controlled access systems. 

VAC Security offers professional advanced access control solutions for:

  • Micro, small and medium businesses positioned in different industrial areas;
  • Residential buildings – cooperatives, blocks, houses;
  • Hotels, restaurants, pubs and more;
  • Parking lots and shopping centers.

With us, you can be calm and assured of the reliable operation of your access control systems, as we also take care of their subsequent maintenance.

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