Basics of alarm systems and their advantages

We offer high performance wired and wireless alarm systems for the security of your home, office, store and more.


Design, installation and maintenance of alarm systems

We provide a comprehensive range of alarm system installation services tailored to your individual needs.


Installation of different types of alarm systems according to your needs

We build active and passive alarm systems, with which your facility is fully protected from unauthorized access.


Alarm equipment from leading manufacturers

We use alarm system equipment from established security manufacturers.


What are the alarm systems?

The home alarms offered by VAC Security provide excellent protection for your home, commercial premises, industrial and storage areas.

Alarm systems are extremely effective security systems to protect your home, office, shop, hotel, restaurant and more. The structure of an alarm system usually consists of one central unit to which the information from the individual components connected to it is transmitted – sensors, detectors, etc.

Modern alarm systems are extremely intelligent and functional. They can be triggered upon identification of a signal from motion, smoke or water sensors. This makes them a particularly effective tool/equipment not only of protecting against thieves, but also when accidents occur.

They can be successfully integrated with fire alarms  and/or CCTV systems .

When selecting alarm systems for stores, homes, offices and more, you can trust the wired and wireless security systems offered by VAC

Design, installation and maintenance of alarm systems

VAC Security offers you design, installation and maintenance of high-end security alarm systems.

When designing alarm systems, the type of object for which the security system is to be installed is taken into account – residential buildings, office premises, industrial areas, hotels, restaurants, medical centers, hospitals, etc.

Another factor in terms of design is the type of protection wanted – whether you need a signal-only security system, and/or one that can identify an intruder, incident, etc., through its integration with a fire alarm/fire suppression and/or CCTV system.

These basic factors, along with the price you are willing to pay for this type of security work, determine what type of alarm system installation you should proceed with.

Alarm system installation time will depend on the size of the project, as well as whether a wired and/or wireless alarm system is to be installed. Factors such as the functionality of the system and others that become known during the process are also determining.

The options for protecting your site today are many and different, and at VAC Security we can make sure you take the right decision, considering the goals, budget and functionality you are looking for in your project.

Take advantage of our innovative security systems to ensure your peace and save money.

Types of alarm systems

We are specialized in installing different types of alarm systems, depending on the level of protection and features, which your facility needs.

According to the system connection method

Wired alarm systems

For this type of alarm system, structural wiring is required, based on which the connection between the control panel and the individual alarm sensors is made. Their main advantage is reliability, as their power supply is provided by the electrical network, and not by batteries. It is applicable to different sizes and types of objects for which alarm protection is sought.

Wireless alarm systems

These alarm systems function without the need for wiring. They are flexible and no less reliable solutions. In this type of security systems, additional elements can be more easily added and/or removed at a later stage.

According to the mode of operation

Passive alarm systems

They are triggered when unauthorised access is identified, automatically activating sound and/or light signals. Passive alarm systems are designed to drive away an intruder and/or thwart their plans for theft, vandalism, etc. They operate completely autonomously.

Active alarm systems

Also known as intruder alarm systems, the secured sites have sensors that send a signal to the control panel when unauthorized access, water, smoke and/or other changes (depending on the sensor type) are identified. Certain teams assigned to the site security activity are informed and/or a notification is sent to your smartphone that something is happening at the site. Appropriate action can thus be taken in a timely manner.

Active alarm systems can work in conjunction with other security systems – CCTV, fire suppression etc. to provide greater security system efficiency.

According to the type of objects for which they are installed

Home alarm systems

They are installed in houses, apartments, villas, etc., aiming to protect your home from thieves and any other type of unauthorized access.

Alarm systems for other facilities

They are installed in shops, hotels, restaurants, offices, warehouses, factories and other sites. The objectives are protection against theft, vandalism and other acts that can prevent financial losses of the owner.

VAC Security will customize your search, the type of site you are looking to protect and the features you need to offer to you the ideal alarm solution.

Alarm systems equipment

We provide complete alarm system equipment, taking care of its design, installation and subsequent maintenance.

Alarm systems consist mainly of three components – control panel, sensors and/or alarm sensors, wiring. There may be a difference in the modules that are included in the built system. Some types of alarm systems, and specifically those related to fire suppression/fire alarm and/or CCTV, are also connected to software and hardware.

VAC Security works with established manufacturers of alarm system components, ensuring reliability, functionality and efficiency in protecting your facility.

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