Essence of video surveillance systems

We know the specifics of security systems and offer the right video surveillance solutions.


Video surveillance design and construction

We design and build the video surveillance systems your home and/or business needs.


Objectives and advantages of video surveillance systems

Our CCTV systems meet your needs to make the most of their benefits.


Choosing a video surveillance system

We help you to make the right choice of CCTV system components in order to meet your goals.


What are CCTV systems?

VAC Security offers excellent video surveillance solutions tailored (or customized) entirely to the individual requirements of your site.

CCTV systems consist of a set of technical components that interconnect to provide their user with the ability to continuously monitor the protected site. A CCTV system includes:

  • Different number and type of video cameras;

  • Network video recorder;

  • Hard disk, mounted in the video recorder for storage and management of camera data;

  • Cable connections, used to provide power and/or make connections between individual components in the CCTV system;

  • Computer and/or other smart device with VMS (Video Management System) software installed;

  • Other components and accessories, depending on the individual CCTV installation project.

VAC Security offers its customers video security systems for home and office (indoor), outdoor video surveillance systems, Wi-Fi systems, HDTVI, HDCVI, and IP video surveillance systems. We carry out the entire process of design, construction, installation and subsequent maintenance.

How to design and build a video surveillance system?

You don’t need to know everything about CCTV, camera installation, recorder installation and data management and storage software. With VAC Security, you get a perfectly functioning system for implementing permanent video surveillance.

The process of designing and building CCTV systems is characterized by varying complexity of construction. By trusting CCTV construction companies, you can be sure that the process will be implemented at the required level and in compliance with all standards to ensure a functional and reliable permanent CCTV system. There are several factors to consider when designing and building a CCTV system:

  • Determine the type and number of video cameras to be installed;

  • Selection of the locations where video cameras will be installed;

  • Setting quality and retention time requirements for records;

  • Predicting the lighting conditions of the location where the CCTV cameras will be installed;

  • Need for real-time video surveillance and/or availability of a second monitor for video surveillance.

At VAC Security, we take into account these and any other requirements set by the customer at the design stage, then set about building a CCTV system that fully meets your individual needs.

Building video surveillance – goals and advantages

Do you have a store, hotel, office or any other type of facility you want to protect? With VAC Security’ CCTV systems, you get all the benefits of this type of security system.

Many consumers trust CCTV systems to ensure the protection of their property, goods and more. A CCTV system is an effective method of dealing with property crime.

  • CCTV security camera installation is a service to ensure the security of your home, commercial, industrial and other types of property;

  • CCTV not only has a preventive effect to protect against theft. It can be used to locate the criminal;

  • CCTV is an effective way to save the expense of employing physical security for your premises when it is potentially exposed at risk of robbery and/or demolition.

With VAC Security CCTV design, build and maintenance service you benefit from a 100% secure security system.

How to choose a CCTV system?

We will offer you highly functional video surveillance solutions.

A leading factor in choosing a CCTV system is your security needs, the cost of a CCTV system and the choice of a CCTV company to design, build and maintain the system. It is also important to consider the type of site to be secured. These main factors determine the following:

  • How many cameras will be installed;
  • What will be the characteristics of additional components – part of the security system with video cameras;
  • Type of use – indoor, outdoor and/or both;
  • Camera technology – analog, HD, IP and others.

VAC Security is responsible for the complete design and construction of video surveillance systems.

VAC Security offers you various types of CCTV equipment represented by leading brands

We offer installation of different types of CCTV cameras, as well as complete equipment for this type of security systems.

IP camera installation

IP cameras connect to a wireless network (via the Internet), requiring no auxiliary devices for signal transmission and data storage. The cameras are characterized by a long range and are one of the most suitable devices used by a wide group of users – private and corporate customers.

PTZ camera installation

PTZ cameras, also known as steerable cameras, provide a “zoom” option when you want to set focus on certain details of suspicious objects captured by the camera. They provide greater flexibility and the ability to observe from a wider angle. They are used in cases where large areas are to be monitored.

DVR and NVR video recorders

DVR and NVR devices are video recorders (devices responsible for storing the video footage from security cameras). They differ in the way they record the data from the video cameras.

The DVR system processes the data in the recorder, while the NVR processes the same in the camera, then sends it to the recorder for storage. Based on the fact that they record the data differently, they also work with different types of video capture devices.

DVRs typically work with analog cameras, while NVR systems work with IP cameras and other digital surveillance devices. A DVR can be based on a wired system , while an NVR can be wired or wireless.

Power supplies and accessories for various CCTV systems

VAC Security offers various types of power supplies and accessories for video surveillance systems to build reliable and secure security systems for your home, office and/or other business facility.

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