Technical support

Expert services for the technical support of security equipment, tailored to your needs.


Subscription-based technical support

Subscription-based support of all types of security systems at affordable prices


Why VAC Security?

We are a team of specialists in the construction, maintenance, and servicing of security systems.

Why technical support and servicing of security systems?

  • Ensuring the safe, effective, and continuous operation of your security systems;
  • Minimizing the risk of costly repairs and potential losses or incidents due to non-functional security systems;
  • Boosting the reliability and trustworthiness of your business in the eyes of your end customers when your security systems are in good hands.

Professional technical support of security systems by VAC Security

Subscription-based support for security systems by VAC Security

Security systems such as video surveillance, access control, fire alarm, security alarm, and so on should be periodically maintained to ensure their optimal functioning.

VAC Security can provide you with subscription-based technical support for security systems, tailored to your preferred frequency and principles,

  • Based on the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer;

  • Compliant with internationally recognized standards for maintaining the equipment (Fire alarm and others).

When entering into a contract for technical support of your security systems, you can benefit from:

  • Timely response in case of issues with the installed security system;
  • Real-time telephone support;
  • Consultancy services for technical inquiries;
  • Training for your personnel on how to operate the systems;
  • Other services as stipulated in the service agreement.

Request a quote for subscription-based technical support of security systems.

Why choose technical support from VAC Security?

VAC Security offers comprehensive technical support packages for your security systems. Take advantage of our numerous benefits:

  • Assistance from trained personnel with experience in servicing and maintaining top-class security systems;
  • A rich portfolio of satisfied customers who have benefited from our services for building security systems, as well as ongoing maintenance and servicing;
  • Affordable prices for subscription-based technical support of various security systems, including video surveillance, fire alarm, access control, and security alarm systems.