Essence of structural wiring

We provide complete structural cabling for the needs of modern households and industries.


Design and implementation of structural cabling

We design and build structural cabling systems, guided by individual customer needs.


Advantages of structural cabling

With us you benefit from all the advantages of structural cable systems applicable in a wide range of buildings.


Standards for structural cable systems

We follow established standards for structural cabling in homes, commercial buildings, offices and data centers.


What is structural wiring?

Benefit from professional design and construction of structural cable systems.

The structural wiring service is applied in residential, administrative and industrial facilities. It comes in response to user demand and for digital structure modernization. In terms of business, structured cabling is a tool of increasing the efficiency of business processes  and ensuring profitability.

Structured cabling systems are an indispensable foundation for building the information infrastructure needed by any enterprise and/or organization today.

It is essentially a complete system of cables and associated hardware to provide an efficient telecommunications structure. Structured cabling systems serve a wide range of processes, applications, computers, telephones, and much more.

VAC Security offers advanced structural cabling solutions for concealed and/or exposed installation. We build cable routes with grilles and various profiles (metal and plastic). We offer closed and/or open communication cabinets as well as all kinds of complementary accessories – fans, sockets, switches, etc.

Stages in the design and implementation of structural cable systems

We build structural cable systems according to the characteristics of your building, site, etc..

Structural cable systems differ in themselves. Detailed information on the type of structural cabling can be given after speaking with the customer and conducting an inspection of the building and/or type of site to be wired. The main structural cabling activities include:

  • ● Defining a standard for structural wiring;
  • Design according to the specifics of the building/site;
  • Construction of cable lines (routes);
  • Supply of software and hardware products;
  • Installation and distribution of cabinets and outlets;
  • Installation of end points (sockets, panels, switches, sockets, etc.);
  • Testing and certification of the built system;
  • Training on how to use the system by those using it.

Quality structural cabling from VAC Security guarantees you safe and long-lasting operation

Advantages of structural cable systems

With VAC Security you benefit from all the advantages of structural cable systems.

The main advantages of the structural cable systems installed by VAC Security include:

  • The use of standard components and equipment ensuring compatibility;
  • Flexibility in terms of different equipment connected to the system;
  • Justifying the investment costs with the long and reliable service life of the structured cabling system;
  • Using multiple network protocols;
  • The structural cabling being built is compatible with technology and equipment suppliers;
  • Structured cabling systems under construction are administered by minimum number of staff;
  • Provide secure data transfer for the efficient operation and optimization of your business processes;
  • Structured cabling systems already in place can be easily modified and/or built up at a later stage.

Trust a reliable partner for the professional structural cabling of buildings and multi-purpose sites.

Standards for structural cable systems

Design and construction of structural cabling according to all standards for structural cable systems.

The structured cabling service offered by Vision Systems adheres to established standards that vary according to the type of facility to which they are applied – commercial buildings, offices, housing, data centers, etc..

Certificate EIA/TIA 568A

Wiring standard for public, commercial and telecommunications buildings.

Certificate ISO / IEC 11801

This is the internationally applicable ISO standard for the construction and operation of structural cable systems.

Certificate CENELEC EN 50173

We also build and test our structural cable systems to the European standard for cable systems.

Need further assistance and/or a customized offer for structural cabling?